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Garnet Schulhauser

QHHT Sessions: Recurring Dreams

Are you one of the many people who have experienced the same dream over and over throughout your life? Do you wonder why these recurring dreams haunt your nightly slumber? Is there a message in these dreams that you have not been able to decipher?

Questions about recurring dreams arise frequently in my QHHT sessions, and often the answer given by the Higher Self can be quite illuminating and of great comfort to the client, who then for the first time understands the meaning of these dreams.

In one situation, the client had recurring dreams about walking with Jesus, and he wondered if he had lived a past life with the Christ. His Higher Self revealed that this man did indeed live during the time of Jesus, and he was one of Christ’s early followers. The Higher Self said the dreams about Jesus were to remind him that he should follow the teachings of Jesus in his current life, and this would help him live a life filled with more love and compassion.

Another client had recurring dreams about the Goddess Athena and wanted to know the reason for these dreams. Her Higher Self said she had lived a previous life in Ancient Greece and had been a priestess in Athena’s Temple. That life was especially happy and rewarding for the client, and the dreams were designed to provide comfort to her in this life whenever she was sailing on troubled waters.

If you yearn to discover the meaning of your recurring dreams, a QHHT session can reveal the genesis of these nightly visions and the message they hope to convey to you.

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