Dancing with Angels in Heaven

Praise for Dancing with Angels in Heaven

Garnet Schulhauser’s Dancing with Angels in Heaven is another great work of his. The book is challenging to put down. The author’s journey with Albert, his spirit guide, to Aglaia answers many of the eternal questions that we all have. Topics such as developing a soul’s life plan prior to incarnating, why incarnate, meeting with the Council of Wise Ones to prepare for life on earth, what souls chose to experience in the afterlife, parallel universes, the pandemic and more. This book is absolutely fascinating and brilliantly written. Get ready to transverse the universe with Albert and Garnet Schulhauser, it’s an astounding experience.–Valerie Camozzi, RN, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner

Garnet Schulhauser’s fifth book, Dancing with Angels in Heaven, is a delightful read which will not only have you chuckling at the ongoing comic stick between Garnet and his Angel Guide Albert, but will leave you feeling comforted. On this adventure with Albert, Garnet learns the intricacies of the soul’s journey from creation to incarnation and back to “heaven”. Many of those hard questions we all ponder are discussed. I was left with a feeling of peace, that we are here on purpose and that we return to bliss when our time on earth is done.–Rhonda Elliott, Reiki Master/Teacher and co-host of Spirit Sessions, a View of the Light

Dancing with Angels in Heaven is the crown jewel of one my favorite spiritual book series of all time and I highly recommend it. Garnet and Albert are back to lead us on more fascinating adventures to the spirit side so we might peak behind the curtains once more. As to be expected, we are introduced to a variety of characters, some old and some new, that have a brilliant and sometimes comical way of relaying fascinating spiritual insights. Most importantly, this book has a very serious and time sensitive message with instructions for the next steps humanity must take for our growth and evolution.–Jonny Enoch, Host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia

Congratulations, Garnet, for writing yet another book chock-full of mind-boggling information that caused a feeling of peace, harmony and hope to well up within me. This book brings it all together completely and expertly. Thank you, Garnet, for writing your five books providing the reader step-by-step insights along the way and important, thought-provoking information. I suggest that you purchase all of Garnet’s books and see for yourself what reading and studying does for you. I have had the privilege of interviewing Garnet Schulhauser as a guest on my monthly radio talk show several times, and he was very well received by my listening audience.–Dr. Anne Marie Evers, Author & Counsellor

Prepare to be entertained, humoured, moved, and challenged to evolve! It is rare to find a fellow lawyer, an adept of the material world, so eloquently relaying the often bizarre, profound, and thought-provoking experiences from the spiritual realm made possible through the astral body. This is a book of hope for Mankind, faith in the Divine and describes a logic of the Soul. The latest messages are neatly bound together with signature threads of direct reporting, careful clarity and cool pragmatism in the face of significant and often unusual encounters that expose the boundaries of what we think is possible contrasted to “what is” or “may be” the case.

Ultimately, the following pages gently comfort and invite you, the reader, to self-question, interpretate and work on your life all the while making a better world and embracing the journey of infinite consciousness towards the Light. Bon voyage!–J.P. Hague, lawyer, researcher & writer

Many years ago, Garnet Schulhauser left his lucrative law practice after someone incredibly wise and immensely kind challenged him to consider a far richer way to live. In the process, one that asked much of the author but returned vastly more, Garnet dug deep into his soul to discover “the ineffable joy of spiritual enlightenment.” He has not stopped writing and talking about it since. So, it is with bringers of glad tidings: they invite us to join in the cosmic dance and work it until we realize that the music never ends–Gary Mantz and Suzanne Mitchell, hosts of The Mantz and Mitchell Show on 1150 KKNW Seattle