A Negative Review of Dancing Forever with Spirit

Here is the text of a negative review posted on Amazon.com on May 4, 2015 by Peter Hansenon:

“This is pure nonsense! Albert the Spirit Guide (clearly either a deceiver or a figment of Garnet’s imagination) is an apt title for a book of fantasy. I do believe in reincarnation, but the claims that we choose our own life circumstances, and especially that we choose to be raped, hurt and live in pain, is pure and evil nonsense! There’s so much more believeable material out there that clearly reveal Garnet as a fraud (or perhaps just a nutcase). The only thing we choose is to be reincarnated – the rest is coincidences. If everything’s planned, then we can’t learn a darn thing. Garnet makes a lot of money with this fantasy tale which is only believed by the gullable New Age people.”

And here is my response:

If you read my books carefully, Peter, you would understand that everything that happens in our lives is not pre-determined before we are born. We do prepare a Life Plan that sets out the major circumstances of our lives, like the place of our birth, the identity of our parents, siblings and other relatives, and some of the other significant aspects of our proposed lives. But because we do not remember what is in our Life Plans after we are born, and because we have free will to take actions and make decisions, many of the events in our lives are totally unplanned. Our free will actions, coupled with the free will actions of the people we interact with, make it impossible for us to predict exactly what will transpire after we are born. That is why a life on Earth is so challenging and why we face many difficult experiences during our lives.

When people are murdered or raped on Earth, it was either planned before they were born, or it was unplanned and results from the free will actions of another person who is not able to control his negative emotions. The souls who choose to encounter pain and suffering on Earth do so freely for the purpose of experiencing the things they need for their evolution as souls, and the souls who do not plan for such encounters recognize, before they incarnate, that they may suffer unplanned painful experiences during their lives on Earth.

While it is difficult for you to comprehend that a soul would choose to be murdered or raped, or be born with a handicap, souls on the Spirit Side understand why this happens, and you will once again when you cross over to the Spirit Side.



A Negative Review of Dancing Forever with Spirit — 7 Comments

  1. I truly appreciate your courage in coming forward with such loving info. I also had a tunnel of white light experience in 1992 and left as a complete dogmatic athiest and given the choice to return to my body came back full of spirit and love. Many wonderful messages were received much like what you have mentioned. By the way have you ever read the “Messages from Michael” books as they are full of similar knowledge. Much thanks, George

  2. I find the information in your books fascinating. Some, I already believed. It gives a broader view which I do appreciate. Thanks for writing them and thank your source. j

  3. Hello Garnet 🙂 Your reply was very well handled, rather eloquent I might add. As I often remind myself, and others, if something challenges or triggers us, therein lies a lesson for us and a wonderful opportunity for growth. For many of us sharing the information of this spiritual journey and who we truly are, a major teaching is to remain non-judgmental in the face of judgment. Well done Garnet! Btw I just started to read “Dancing Forever with Spirit”…loving it and I will touch base when finished. Sincerely, Dawn

  4. Garnet, I believed the very thing that you had written in your book before I read it! I totally agree with your response….well said. Each person has a right to their own beliefs and opinions. I have read very similar beliefs by other authors also. I think that our souls certainly choose different and painful experiences to grow and learn from…..some happy and others not …. This helps us to learn in different ways and we can relate to others and what they have gone thru better also. For us to grow it is important to keep an open mind, but we do not have to agree with everything we read. Each person must follow their own heart and allow others to do the same without judging. I have enjoyed your book and look forward to reading your new book Garnet. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your writing to share this with others….and a big thanks to Albert also. Each of us probably do not give enough gratitude to our guides as we should and what they go through for us. 🙂

    • Thanks Sheila for your responce. I am fortunate to have supporters like you.

      Take care and enjoy your journey!

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