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Garnet Schulhauser

Episode 3 of What on Earth & Heaven is it all About

In this episode #3, Garnet Schulhauser delves into the revelations from Albert regarding Life Plans and pre-birth planning. Souls choose to incarnate, crafting detailed Life Plans with challenges and lessons. These plans are flexible but reviewed by the Council of Wise Ones. Guidance from spirit guides helps navigate life’s twists, and karma is a balancing act, not a predetermined sentence. Walk-in souls and an orientation class offer further insights into the complexities of earthly existence.

What on Earth & Heaven is it all About

In Episode 2 of “What on Earth & Heaven is it all About,” Garnet Schulhauser delves into the contradictions between spiritual revelations and Church doctrine. From debunking traditional beliefs about the creation of the universe to unveiling hidden truths about Jesus Christ, Schulhauser challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of faith. Watch

What on Earth & Heaven is it all About

This is the first episode (out of a total of 20) in the original series “WHAT ON EARTH & HEAVEN IS IT ALL ABOUT”, produced by Zohar Entertainment Group. In this series, Garnet Schulhauser describes his first encounter with his Spirit Guide, Albert, and his astral trips with Albert to the Spirit Side and many fascinating planets in the universe. Garnet shares some startling revelations about our true nature as eternal souls, the cycle of reincarnation, the meaning of life on Earth, and the ecstasy of the afterlife that awaits us all. Watch