Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

A Spiritual Guidance Session, which can be booked for 60 minutes or longer, can be done by phone, Skype, or Zoom from the comfort of your home or office.

During a session, clients can ask me questions about my books or my encounters with my spirit guide, Albert, or for my view on any spiritual/metaphysical topics they would like to discuss.

A Spiritual Guidance Session does not involve hypnosis, and it is not a psychic reading or channeling. I will not be able to provide advice or guidance specific to a client’s personal situation because I will not be connected to Spirit during these sessions.

If clients desire personal advice from Spirit, they should book a QHHT or BQH session where their Higher Self will be contacted to get the answers to their questions.

To book a Spiritual Guidance Session, go to: www.garnetschulhauserqhht.com  or click on this link: Spiritual Guidance appointment