Group Regression

Group Regression Workshop

The Group Regression Workshop, which will be conducted by Garnet Schulhauser, is designed to hypnotically induce a group of participants into a light trance, known as the Alpha level, which is not as deep a level of trance as the Theta level that is achieved in QHHT and BQH sessions. The Workshop is intended to be an easy and fun way of being introduced to past life regressions.

The Workshop will consist of three parts:

1.        In the first part, clients will be taken to a past life that has information they need to know.

2.        In the second part, clients will be taken to meet one of their spirit guides or angels, who will have a message for them.

3.        In the third part, clients will go to a life in the future.

After each part, clients will open their eyes and write down what they experienced. Then anyone who chooses to do so can report to the group what he or she has experienced in each part. There will be no pressure to speak about the experience if the person would rather not do so.

The Workshop will be conducted remotely using the ZOOM interface, so everyone can participate in the Workshop from the comfort and privacy of their own home or office. All participants will be sent an invitation to join the ZOOM meeting, and it is not necessary to have an account with ZOOM to join the meeting. Participants need only click on the link provided to join the Workshop.

To get the best possible result from the Workshop, it is recommended that clients:

•          Be laying comfortably on a bed, sofa, or reclining chair. (Although a comfortable chair will work as well).

•          Position their laptop, tablet, or phone so they can easily see and hear the host, with their devices plugged in so the battery won’t run out during the session.

•          Ensure they are in a quiet room by themselves with phones turned muted and without any interruptions by other people, children, or pets.

•          Have paper and pen handy so they can write down what they experienced while in trance.

To book a Workshop, please click on this link: Group Regression Workshop

The Workshops will be scheduled periodically based on Garnet’s availability. If all scheduled Workshops are full, please check back later, or send me an email to be put on a waiting list for the next available session:

After the Workshop clients can decide if they want to try a QHHT or BQH session for a deeper hypnotic experience that will provide them with the answers to all the important life questions they are yearning to discover. For more information about QHHT and BQH, please click on this link: About QHHT and BQH