Startling Revelations from the Spirit Realm

Have You Experienced Past Lives on Other Planets?

Garnet Schulhauser discusses signs that may indicate you have lived previous lives on other planets. Watch

Is Homosexuality a Sin?

Garnet Schulhauser discloses how souls on the Spriit Side view homosexuality. Watch

What Do Souls in Heaven Think About Abortion

Garnet Schulhauser reveals what souls on the Spirit Side think about abortion. Watch

Lies and Deception Are Not Possible in the Spirit Realm

Garnet Schulhauser discusses why lies and deception are not possible in the Spirit Realm. Watch

Princess Diana Will Return

Garnet Schulhauser recounts a conversation he had with Princess Diana on the Spirit Side. Watch

Can Grandma Reincarnate as you Child?

Garnet Schulhauser discusses the question of whether your deceased Grandma can reincarnate as your child. Watch

Tweaking Your Life Plan

Garnet Schulhauser reveals what he has learned from his Spirit Guide, Albert, about tweaking Life Plans. Watch

Planet Earth is a Tough School

Garnet Schulhauser reveals why Earth is a difficult school for souls. Watch

I Almost Stepped on Jesus

Garnet Schulhauser recounts a funny incident that happened when he was a young boy serving Mass in a Catholic Church. Watch

Welcome to Heaven

Garnet Schulhauser reveals what you can first expect when you leave your body and arrive at the Spirit Side. Watch

Talking to the Dead

Garnet Schulhauser reveals how you can talk to your deceased loved ones, based on what he learned in his astral travels with his spirit guide, Albert. Watch

Do You Have a Soul Mate?

Garnet Schulhauser reveals what he has learned about soul mates from his trips to the Spirit Side with his spirit guide, Albert. Watch

Remembering Past Lives

Garnet Schulhauser explains why we are not able to remember past lives even though most of us have had many previous lives on Earth. Watch

Why is Gaia Kicking our Butts?

Garnet Schulhauser recounts a conversation with Gaia, the consciousness of Mother Earth, who has a warning for humans. Watch

I Met Lucifer Face-to-Face

Garnet Schulhauser describes an encounter with Lucifer on one of his astral trips, and he is not the devil.


Can You Walk on Water?

Garnet Schulhauser reveals that there may be descendants of Jesus living among us today.


Elvis is Alive and Well

Garnet Schulhauser describes an Elvis concert he attended on one of his astral trips to the Spirit Side.


Out-of-Body Adventures

Garnet Schulhauser reveals the truth about Out-of-Body experiences.