Dancing Forever with Spirit

Praise for Dancing Forever with Spirit


“Garnet Schulhauser offers a brilliant account of our spiritual nature from the perspective of Albert, his delightful spirit guide. This book allows us to travel vicariously with Garnet when Albert takes him on journeys to the Hall of Records, other planets and past civilizations. During these travels Albert makes us privy to valuable knowledge about the life of Jesus, the Source, and the role of the Council of Wise Ones and aliens in creating a new Earth. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to understand their life purpose and to evolve.”

Kathryn Andries, author of Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships, Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed, The Dream Doctor, and Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose


“Garnet Schulhauser has done it once again with the writings of Dancing Forever with Spirit. I am truly grateful that Garnet asked the questions of his soul and allowed the most unpredictable situation to guide him to the answers. Dancing on a Stamp was the first recording of Garnet and Albert’s journey; four pages into the book, I was hooked, and left wanting more. Dancing Forever with Spirit is that more, more answers, more understanding, more guidance and it leaves you ready for more. I opened this book and literally could not put it down until I turned the last page. Thank you Garnet, for being the voice and allowing Albert to show you and all of us, why we are here and what this life is all about.”

“In The Sovereignty of The Mind is Birthed The Divinity of The Soul”Rev. Brenda Braden


“Warning! Reading this book will expose you to universal truths that will change you forever. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit as you open to the first page because you will not want to stop reading as Garnet unleashes revelation after revelation that will touch, move, and affect you in ways you cannot imagine, but that will undoubtedly help you to (1) expedite your spiritual growth, (2) raise your vibrations, and (3) set things right on our beloved planet Earth for the human race and all other life forms who call this planet home. In these pages, you will find important universal words of wisdom and universal truths imparted by Garnet’s guide, Albert, and many others–including the Council of Wise Ones and beings incarnated on other planets and dimensions. Prepare to learn about the Galactic Council and how we came to be on Earth, and just how powerful our words and actions really are. This is a book that I will refer to and quote from again and again, and I will be gifting all of my friends and family with a copy of this significant guide to the evolution of humankind.”

Sherri Cortland, ND, author of Windows of Opportunity, Raising our Vibrations for the New Age, Spiritual Toolbox, and Guide Group Fridays


 “Who are we? What is our purpose? What happens when we die? These are some of humankind’s most important and enduring questions. Dancing Forever with Spirit brings a fresh and exciting perspective to these ancient questions. Garnet Schulhauser shares the wisdom and insightful revelations learned from his spirit guide. It opens a window to the spirit world, sharing love, laughter and compassion, and not taking life too seriously. His account will bring comfort and insight to many during the most important times of our lives. This book is well written and enthusiastically recommended.”

-Mel Fabregas, host of Veritas Radio


 “Garnet Schulhauser is back with his second book, Dancing Forever with Spirit, that takes readers on an incredible journey of enlightenment with Albert, his Spirit Guide from Dancing on a Stamp. In this journey, Garnet is shown the ins and outs of the Spirit World to understand our Earth, as well as other planets in the solar system and how these all interact with one another. You’ll be amazed at the intriguing insights that Garnet shares with you! A definite page turner.”

-Jackie Wiersma, author of The Zodiac Recipe: A Guide to Understanding You and Your Relationships


 Dancing Forever with Spiritis a beautiful continuation of Garnet Schulhauser’s first book, Dancing on a Stamp. Through interaction and astral adventures, Garnet and his spirit guide, Albert, offer the reader much-needed information on a multitude of fascinating topics. As an Intuitive Medium, I recognize the significance and importance of this book with its valuable and meaningful insight, which provides each one of us the opportunity to heighten our own awareness.”

Shelly Wilson, Intuitive Medium and author of 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness;  www.shellyrwilson.com

 Susan Bethany—Midwest Book Review

Synopsis: “Dancing Forever with Spirit: Astonishing Insights from Heaven” by Garnet Schulhauser will appeal to readers feeling that there is help from the other side which is available to each and every one of us. “Dancing Forever with Spirit” is the continuation of the saga of the author’s spiritual awakening as recounted in the author’s first book, “Dancing on a Stamp” (9781886940321, $14.00 PB, $9.99 Kindle, $14.95 Audible). In this sequel, Schulhauser describes his most recent exploits with Albert who appeared one night to guide him on a series of out-of-body adventures to explore a dazzling white city on the Spirit Side, other planets in the galaxy with intriguing life forms, and some of the far-flung regions of our planet that suffer from human abuse. These fascinating astral excursions were designed to inspire us to renounce the dark side of humanity in favor of spiritual enlightenment.

Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “Dancing Forever with Spirit: Astonishing Insights from Heaven” is very highly recommended for personal and community library Metaphysical Studies collections. It should be noted that “Dancing Forever with Spirit” is also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99).

OnlineBookClub Review—ananya92

Dancing Forever With Spirit: Astonishing Insights from Heaven by Garnet Schulhauser is a book fashioned like a spiritual guide book. It is the second book in the series after Dancing on a Stamp.

In this book, the author continues his tale of spiritual enlightenment. The book begins with the author starting on his second book when his spiritual guide, Albert, makes a reappearance to continue their adventures and to take Garnet (the author) further on his path to spiritual enlightenment. Albert takes Garnet, or rather his spirit (since they leave Garnet’s body behind), on a series of supernatural adventures. Garnet’s adventures take him to faraway places to witness human exploitation and abuse, to other planets in the galaxy, to the sparkling city on the Spirit side and sometimes to revisit his own past lives. Through his out-of-the-world excursions, Albert guides Garnet on what humans should do to achieve their enlightenment and helps Garnet in disseminating these ideas through his book.

Initially I was confused why this book has been put in the non-fiction category, since Garnet’s astral excursions appear prima facie fictional. However, our author claims that these are his real life experiences, so who am I to dispute his claims? Since, this is the second book in the series the author explains his first meeting with Albert in the Introduction chapter itself. Though the narrator refers to his first book a lot, I believe it’s not necessary to the read the previous book to understand this installment, which is a plus point of this one. The author’s writing style is simple, displaying a good use of metaphors and imageries in certain places and giving interesting descriptions in certain other portions like when he is describing the planet Proteus or the Spirit city, Aglaia.

This book covers a wide range of themes ranging from protecting our environment and our fellow livings, to understanding why we are here and what this life is all about. The concept of re-incarnation is explained in a thought provoking manner by the narrator’s spiritual guide. Albert takes Shakespeare’s quote on the world being a stage a bit further. According to Albert, there is no heaven and hell, and no one is rewarded or punished for their acts on earth. They all travel to the Spirit side after their deaths and keep reincarnating till they have achieved their spiritual evolution. Albert explains that their actions on earth are just acts or roles they have to play on earth for which they will not be judged in the Spirit world. Though many people might disagree with this idea, but this conception behind rebirth is quite popular in certain religious traditions like Buddhism and some strands of Hinduism. Apart from this enlightening concept presented in the book, I also liked the idea of Garnet reviewing his previous lives and Albert explaining how humans need to evolve from their present state of negativity, in order to save the planet and not decay like some civilizations (case in point Atlantis) before them.

The message of this book is simple: be kind, share love, laughter and compassion, and don’t take life too seriously. This message is presented in a thought provoking manner, laced with wit and humor when required. I recommend everyone who is seeking to understand their purpose in life and to evolve should give this one a try, even if they might not agree with all the author says. I rate this one 4 out of 4 stars for being a deeply engaging and enlightening book to read.

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Rev. Dr. Cassandra Campbell

Dancing Forever with Spirit Captured my Heart

Garnet Schulhauser’s first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was inviting, capturing, inspiring and enlightening for me. The story about Garnet and Albert is fascinating. I could not put down the book until I finished it. Dancing Forever with Spirit has even more and deeper answers to bigger and more complex questions. Again, I could not put down the book until I finished it. His writing style feels like being there with him and Albert. Garnet asked the questions and allowed Albert to show up to guide us to greater and greater awareness about ourselves and life. Thank you Garnet.

G. Ritch “Namaste”

Another Amazing Journey Begins

If you have ever wondered where do we go from ‘here’ or why ‘here’, Garnet Schulhauser will take you on a fascinating journey to help you find those possible answers. He writes with honesty and integrity with a splash of wit! A wonderful continuation of his first book Dancing on a Stamp. Garnet once again shares his experiences along with Albert his spiritual guide, through a lasting visual and amazing spiritual journey. Thank you Garnet for sharing Albert with us. After reading this book for the second time, I felt that pieces of me were finally found and my healing began. I keep both books handy as reference. They just make me feel so good and hopeful.

L. Dru Wheelin

Best consolidated spiritual book of the times

 If only the world would read this book and realize these truths, we could transform life as we know it. I’ve been studying all kinds of spiritual books for 30 years and this book boils down most of the spiritual questions with clear concise and easy to grasp answers about how and why the Universe works the way it does. It is totally consistent with all the other writings of all the other books I have read, but in consolidated form. And I have read most of them, believe me. I strongly recommend Garnet’s 2 books as the fastest way to enlightenment, if that is what you are seeking!!!

Donald L. Hicks

You’ll be reading well into the night…

If you like spiritual adventures, you’ll love Dancing forever with Spirit! In this sequel to Dancing on a Stamp, the author is visited by his sage spirit guide, Albert. This time, rather than answering questions about Life and the Afterlife, Albert leads Garnet on a series of nightly astral adventures. During these ethereal journeys, Albert shows Garnet the dazzling landscape and cities of the Spirit Side, intriguing life forms on other planets, and a new utopian Earth where advanced souls can choose to incarnate. As the excursion progress, Albert shares information from the Akashic Records, and gives profound insights about Time, the secret life of Christ, and the critical need to protect Mother Earth. The book is simply written, with a well-timed seasoning of humor. A definite page-tuner! – Donald L. Hicks, Look into the Stillness and The Divinity Factor.



Simple, clear and illuminating, the delightful story gives a hope and guidance to always remember where we are from and to enjoy the journey along the way. I loved it.

Phyllis Kane

An insightful and informative book about spirit and our earth.

I waited with great anticipation for Garnet’s second book, Dancing Forever with Spirit. In this work he reveals his many trips to other planets and the spirit world with Albert, his spirit guide. I met Sophia, the chairperson of the Council of Wise Ones, in one of my meditations and that makes this book very meaningful in my journey. In the last three chapters Garnet receives information from Albert that will help us understand and how we need to change our damaging habits and stop the abuse of our beautiful earth. Garnet captures the essence of spirit and describes how we can begin a collective effort to create a world where we will live with compassion, non-judgment and love. Finally, he gives us simple and practical ways to connect with the Source.


Five Stars

Excellent, and very uplifting

Jennifer Lucas

Highly Recommended

I read this as a follow up to Garnet’s first book “Dancing on a Stamp” which I loved. I highly recommend reading this. It is one of those books that you will read all at once because you will find it so hard to put it down once you start but it is also a book that you will go back to over and over when you need some guidance and spiritual solace. I eagerly await further books from Garnet in the near future!


Loved it

Very eye opening…….! Loved it.


Five Stars

Enjoyed the follow-up book immensely


I highly recommend this book.

I love this book and can hardly wait for his next one. So uplifting and enlightening. I am glad I read Dancing on a Stamp first.

C. druehl

Best FUN read in years, don’t delay, get it today !!

A true gift to mankind. If you have an experience which could be called, anomalous or of higher spiritual meaning, this is a book for you. The beauty of this book is the way the author slowly releases to the spiritual experiences of his otherwise very practical, professionally-driven life.
What information is given, not easily found in other spiritually-based writing. I love it and feel it is one of the very best !! Let us all read and digest this book, as this is the future coming right at us !! There will be phenomenal changes coming to mankind in the next era, and this book will begin to educate folks about what it will all be like, and it will be FUN !!


Loved it!

As well written and as inspirational as his first book. I believe he plans on writing more. I look forward to the next one.


From one inquisitive soul to the next,this is an astonishing book that will not disappoint!

This is an astonishing book that will not disappoint! If you’re an inquisitive soul about life’s primordial questions, if you’ve ever sat and wondered why life is the way it is, if you’ve ever wondered if we’re all connected in a unique and special way, if you’ve ever wondered about the miraculous existence of our human race, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU, PERIOD! It would be my belief that the answers to nearly all your life’s questions are delivered by an incredible source and written by Garnet Schulhauser.

I wish every person on earth could read this book, we’d all be in a better place 100% assured!

Peg Jones

Excellent reading.

I enjoyed the book very much as much as I enjoyed Garnets first book. This book was much more involved and revealing. I can’t wait to read his next book. Thank you for your information that you have shared with us…pj

Wanda McKolskey

I’m currently reading this book and so far I love it. After years of researching I find this book falls along the lines of what I believe in my heart to be right…. At least right for me. The messages for mankind is heartfelt and I will be spreading this messages to anyone willing to listen.

Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within

Our Soul Journey on Earth and Beyond

Garnet Schulhauser creatively, articulately and graphically shares with Albert, his spiritual guide, a series of astral adventures into the dimensions of life beyond the Earth plane. In his exploration, he finds answers and meaning to his life, love and eternal possibilities for understanding the journey of each soul to discover who they are, where they come from, and that all are welcomed back into Heaven at the end of life. READ THIS BOOK to learn more about cities in the Universe such as Aglaia and the water planet Proteus, and to learn how humans are in the process of expanding their consciousness and transitioning to a higher vibrational frequency. This shift will allow them to live in a place called the New Earth where the negative aspects of life as they exist now will be eliminated. Amazing insights by Garnet about Heaven and other far away places infusing this knowledge into the human experience with divine hope, faith and a state of Unity and Oneness.Very illuminating!!

Barbara Light-McKay

Very happy that he and others are sharing their experiences

… basically find his writings interesting, informative, truthful and the world is ready to wake up. Very happy that he and others are sharing their experiences, stepping up to the plate and letting the world know of great possibilities that are available to everyone via the unseen or invisible beings who are there to interact upon our readiness or hunger. Namaste.

Amazon Customer


This book strikes a chord with my soul that resonates without a shred of dissonance. Words cannot describe. I’ve read many spiritual books which I found very informative and well written but at the same time somewhat mentally exhausting. Garnet however, conveys the message in an extraordinarily simple, comprehensible and lighthearted manner. Absolutely brilliant! A must read to anyone on a spiritual path.

C Boroumand


This book has changed my life. I’m on the 3rd book now. Somehow I feel compelled about various revelations in these books. I’m hoping the 3rd book will shed some light. I’m more conscious and awake as I was having some sort of spiritual awakening myself prior to reading these books. I am the type of person who never reads books like this and it was no accident that I picked up all three. I’m left a bit bewilder because I’m wondering if I’m really myself or am I being used as a puppet and in the end will some essence of who I am today be recounted on the spirit side. This really makes me uncomfortable, I’m a kind, gentle and loving person, who’s never wronged anyone in this life; the only life I remember. Could I’ve done something in my past that was not contrary to who I am now? And if that being did something in the past that was not loving or kind; it couldn’t of been me, this is where I’m confused. Is the spirit and the mind separate? If so which part makes you, you? I feel like I’m my mind with an agenda which make me me and my soul has a separate rationale process unbeknownst to me with it’s on agenda. I love my kids and yes I’m thinking with my human brain, but it seems cruel to fill me with these emotions and attachments for they really not to be apart of you. I get it life is a huge stage, but what should we take seriously, if you cannot recount previous lives if at all in-part, how do you benefit and how is this fair. It’s hard to live without negative emotions when you have a soul inside of you with it’s own agenda and plan unknown to you. It’s like being married and hiding another life and partner from your current spouse. How can you feel comfortable with this? I know it’s out of our puny human control, but it’s contradictory, live life free because you will return to the spirit side but on the other hand go through a horrible, life or death etc and expected to be without negative emotions????

josephine taiwo


Love it!! It is awesome!! The truth about this life and the spirit world.


Extremely fun and easy reading

Extremely fun and easy reading. Story after fascinating story. Books like this can change your thinking forever for the better providing you opened to it.


In this personal accounting, the author travels with her …

In this personal accounting, the author travels with her spirit guide to other planets and dimensions to further his spiritual education. It’s an exciting book if the reader can stay open to the possibilities explored in these pages. I found it life-changing.


A fun,instructive read!

A great reminder of this game called life. Witty,insightful and to the point!

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Amazon.co.uk Customer

A must read for everyone a fantastic book a lot of inspiration and spiritual guidance can’t wait to read your next book it’s a book you can’t put down I read this book in two days a lot of explanation about the new earth fantastic this book covers a lot past lives and about other planets amazing xx

 Louise Finlay 

What a fantastic & brilliant second book from Garnet a must read, I was hooked from the moment I started reading, loved everything as it was uplifting, inspiring & a great revelation, can’t wait for book number 3 xxx

Sheena L.

Loved the book, a lot of what was written I believed myself so was good to get confirmation. Would like an Albert to come and visit me too!

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If you are interested in metaphysics, this is a must read.
If you want answers to such things as why you are here on earth, what your purpose is, what is the big picture, the truth about Jesus, why the law of attraction has not worked for you and more. Read this book. Everything about this book rings truth with me and it will for you if you have an open mind and heart to this genre of information. If you are new to this subject, you may want to start with the first book of this series. It gives life a whole new meaning and puts things in perspective.
This book is well written easy read with a touch of humor… I can’t wait for the next book to come


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