Excerpt from Dancing with Angels in Heaven

Dancing with Angels in Heaven


Wonders never cease! Prior to meeting my spirit guide, Albert, disguised as a homeless man, back in May of 2007, I was a condescending, stuffed-shirt corporate lawyer who was self-absorbed in pursuit of the good life I believed could be attained with diligence and hard work. In those days, I had neither religion nor spirituality as a moral compass, and I had to rely on my upbringing to provide me with me with the guidelines I needed to operate in a society that seemed to be hell-bent on accumulating money and power.

After meeting Albert on the street that fateful day, the vacuum left in my life after tossing religion into the trash can began to fill with the ineffable joy of spiritual enlightenment, and my life has never been the same. My dialogue and astral travels with Albert have opened my eyes to the vastness and diversity of life in the universe, and I now appreciate the intricacy of the cycle of reincarnation on our planet. Spirituality has filled the void left by religion, and I now understand who I am and how I am connected to the Source and to everyone else.

Once I made the decision to come out of the spiritual closet by publishing my first book, things were never the same, but I have no regrets about leaving the practice of law and becoming an author of spiritual books. I lost a few friends along the way (some of whom likely think I am suffering from an early onset of dementia); however, I gained many new friends who have encouraged me to continue writing about the revelations from Albert and the other wise souls I met during my travels.

Since publishing my first book in 2012, I have been actively disseminating Albert’s messages through book-signing tours, conference presentations, YouTube interviews, and as a guest on over one hundred and fifty radio talk shows. I am encouraged by the warm reception I have received, as it clearly indicates an ever-increasing number of people are expanding their consciousness and becoming spiritually aware. I am optimistic this trend will continue to grow as more and more people cast aside the dark side of humanity as they follow the path toward spiritual enlightenment.

This book is a sequel to my first four books, Dancing on a Stamp, Dancing Forever with Spirit, Dance of Heavenly Bliss, and Dance of Eternal Rapture, as it recounts my most recent encounters with Albert. As with the first four books, Albert had a carefully planned agenda designed to teach me (and all humankind) a lesson or to provide us with a few nuggets of wisdom to help us understand who we are in the grand scheme of things and why we left the bliss of the Spirit Side to have a human journey on Earth.

My astral trips with Albert revealed the vast diversity of life in the universe (including intelligent life forms on other planets), and I now realize how little I know about the infinite cosmos spawned long ago by the Source. Every new morsel of information I distilled from my dialogue with Albert, and the astral trips that followed, are like pieces of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that one day will reveal the entire picture about the Source and the cycle of reincarnation on Earth.

Albert has been a guiding light to follow—a beacon of wisdom and love who has encouraged me to break out of my comfort zone and disseminate his revelations to humanity. Albert and I have shared many lives together on this planet, and I know he has been a loyal friend throughout. Although he is dedicated to spreading the message of love and hope from Spirit, at times he can be cheeky, flippant, and a bit of a rascal. This is his way of telling us we should not take life so seriously because no matter what we do during our lives we will always return to the Spirit Realm when we have finished our human journeys.

What happens on Earth stays on Earth, except for the memories we retain from our experiences and the lessons we learned during our incarnations on this planet. We should view our lives on Earth as stimulating escapades designed to help us evolve as souls. Every soul is on an incomparable journey we chose for ourselves to gather knowledge and wisdom, comforted by the realization there is no “right” or “wrong” path to follow. All roads lead onward and upward, and we can never become lost or abandoned.