Slow Down and Enjoy Your Journey

You are on a journey that has no timetable and no finish line, so slow down and experience life to the fullest. Do not be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and try different things because failure is not an option, and you will grow and evolve from every new experience. —DANCING FOREVER WITH SPIRIT

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Slow Down and Enjoy Your Journey — 1 Comment

  1. I was just listening to your interview on the Dark Matter Radio Network. I hope you understand that I have no guide except for what I call the inner voice as like the spirit whispers in the breeze of my soul. I am still and ponder. I ask and I wait for the reply. I think at the puzzles from all of the information life has presented to me and understand that love is a manifestation of service to Earth and then everything will be made right. What I would like to encourage you to understand Garnet is that we are the generations on the planet now who rebuild the environment at a cosmic scale using nano size engineering to bring the 4th and 3rd dimensional wave cycles together as one again. The bouncing rhythms of life energy in our intelligent designs of life form will be encased in a 6th dimensional reality on Earth. Whilst the 5th plane is the canopy world of the light reflective spinny existence out where the pillar of water or tower of light devices settles that outer shell energy to restore the firmament. The Golden Age of Light is upon us all. Everything will be restored. For example fully formed forests. The lungs are revived and we prepare again for the next meteor or other type of seeded cosmic cycle of short span cycles of fully conscious life existence. When the citadel/temple sites are restored (like we have never seen before) then we will all travel to the other worlds in bodily form. In these days soon to come we will all go to where you have been with Arthur in your spirit being and many many more places for those like us who are adventurous of spirit. 🙂

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