Who was Jesus?

jesus arms raised 2Jesus did walk the Earth long ago, and he died on the cross as recounted in the gospels. The soul who was Jesus, who returned to the Spirit Side after his crucifixion, was a very advanced soul, a Master, who incarnated on Earth to help humans learn to embrace love and compassion for one another. He came to our planet hoping to lead humankind on the path to spiritual enlightenment through his teachings. And judging by the fact that there are now over two billion Christians in the world, he has had a tremendous impact on our civilization.

But Jesus was not the son of God in the way the Church leaders have described him. He was (and still is) a very wise and benevolent soul, but he is an individual aspect of the Source, just like every other soul. He is only the “son of God” in the sense that we are all sons and daughters of God. Jesus was not a deity, but a man who had learned to focus his thoughts to tap into the energy of the universe, which is how he performed his miracles. He walked on water and turned water into wine to draw attention to his cause and gain more followers.

But as I stated in Dancing on a Stamp, Jesus did not prescribe the rules and beliefs of the Church—they were developed by the holy men of the Church after the death of Christ who had their own vision for the Church. And although many of the gospels describing the life of Jesus have been edited over the years by the Church leaders, the crux of his teachings have survived for the benefit of all humans.


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  1. Hello, Mr. Schulhauser, I heard your interview with Roberta Grimes & ordered both books. Regarding the scenario of a plane crash, I had read ears ago that this is a soul contract among all the people aboard. If anyone who was supposed to be on the flight and missed it, it was because it was not their time.

    This article about Jesus as an advanced soul raised a question for me. These are very troubled times, and our world is in peril. I know in the past there have been other enlightened Masters, but if ever we needed one, it would be now. Could you please ask Albert if it is appropriate to invite a Master to lead us now?

    I thank you and Albert for the information you have shared with us.



    • Hi Rebecca,

      You are right about the people on the plane crash–their souls all agreed to exit their incarnations in the crash, and those people who missed the flight did so because their souls were not ready to leave.

      Albert tells me that there are Masters living among us right now, but most keep a low profile. Albert would not tell me if the Council has plans to send a prominent Master, like Jesus, to help save us from all of the violence and conflicts that we are experiencing now. We will just have to wait and see, and do our best as individuals to help our cause.

  2. Wow ! I enjoy your revelations immensely, but I must confess that after you promulgated that.all 400 people that perish in a plane crash choose that time to die , it sends a chill up and down my spine.It makes me “go binary”. I can only conclude that what you have told by your spirit guide is either a liberating zeitgeist or a diabolical web of mendacity. I hope that it is the former !! However my United Church of Canada/conventional Christianity indocrination was chock full of the power of Satanic lies…

    Your youtube interviews have made me think even more deeply about reincarnation.I do believe that if you do not learn sympathy in one life you will learn empathy in one that follows.It seems a shame that when people experience their life review, and feel what they have sown unto others, they vow to do better, but then forget their vow, because then they would know the questions and answers to the exam. For example, a man feels the genuine gratitude, joy, and love that is eminated ( back to him, albeit years later ) when he gives hot soup to the destitute. He concludes that it is a ” no brainer” to reincarnate and ladle out immense joy, thousands and thousands of times. Everyone is a winner,…. but… wait that would somehow be..ahh…too easy… so he perhaps ends up cranking out cheap trinkets in a factory,that might generate a cheesy grin on the face of the recipient. It would become a dilution,
    and not a solution.
    Thanks for sharing what has been imparted to you.

    Best wishes,


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