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Resized DSC_0027Astral travel, where your spirit body leaves your physical body temporarily to travel to the spirit realm or other places on the denser planes, has always been intriguing to me. There are many reports of people having an out-of-body experience of some form or another, but I was not one of them until my spirit guide Albert appeared on the scene.

Since my first encounter with Albert, I have had the opportunity to experience the thrill of astral travel, as described in my second book, Dancing Forever with Spirit. It all began when I woke up one night to find a ghost-like, ethereal figure standing in the doorway of my bedroom. When it came closer, I could see that it was the astral body of my old friend Albert in his homeless man attire. Albert told me he wanted to take me on some astral excursions to show me things I could write about in my book. He then took my hand and pulled my astral body out of physical body, and my astral adventures began.

Although it seemed to me that this was my first astral trip, Albert explained that I had done it before, but I just did not remember these trips. According to Albert, all souls temporarily leave their physical bodies every night when their bodies are asleep. Their astral bodies travel to the Spirit Side to consult with their spirit guides, and sometimes they will stay on the Earth plane to check up on friends and loved ones. When morning comes, they will slip back into their physical bodies for another day on Earth.

Humans generally do not remember these out-of-body excursions, and so most of us are totally unaware of these nightly trips. This is designed to ensure that our journey on Earth is not influenced by our memories of the Spirit Side or by the details of our Life Plans. I was allowed to remember my astral trips with Albert so I could write about my experiences and promulgate Albert’s messages to everyone. I can hardly wait for my next trip!


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