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  1. I love your books, they have great value and i have had enough spiritual experiences to know it is true,

    However i do have some genuine questions. Please know these are non judgemental, but genuine sincere questions! –

    With regard to the new earth, and beings living for hundreds of years in peace. How does this relate to souls choosing to grow and evolve on the denser earth, from challenges and difficulties pre planned in their life review? As it sounds like a life of bliss, so my question is would they still grow and evolve as much as on the denser earth?

    If souls are here to grow and evolve through challenges, how would they do this on the new earth?

    And if the soul is not growing and evolving, would it choose to live so long on the new earth?

    Also the women in the ashram who went to the new earth, what about her family and friends? Her house? What happened regarding people concerned for her whereabouts? Did they look for her? Was she declared a missing person?

    Re souls choosing their exit points. Did all those souls on 9:11 choose the same exit point before they transitioned? Was that exit pre planned for every single one? Was it in their life plan or did something else occur?

    Regarding those spirits that bang at night and create havoc, for their own amusement, (i have had this experience recently) moving objects etc…
    It was terrifying, my question is, i thought spirits from the spirit side are then pure love and that there is no darkness on that side.
    Therefore, why would a spirit find it amusing to cause a person to have so much fear and anxiety, to disrupt their life so much and cause so much stress?
    How is this in alignment with the spirit side wanting us to raise our vibration and let go of fear and negstive emotions. And to embrace love?
    How would a pure being of light, find harming another being, even temporary, amusing?

    How can a spirit create havoc in ones life like this when we have spirit guides to help is? And guardian angels?

    When our path is to raise our vibration, how is it possible that a spirit can come into our life and home and indirectly, as a result of its mischief, decrease our vibration, create mental stress and illness as a result, for laughs?

    How would any non physical being of light find that amusing?
    And how is it that our spirit guides, our guardian angels, cam help us with our path, help us advert disaster and death. But not help with a harmful spirit that is terrorising us?

    It is very clear that the wise ones want us to raise are vibrations and to let go of fear and all the emotions that stem from fear; hatred, anger, etc.
    And embrace love and kindness. And most of us want to do this ourselves also.
    My question is or maybe it is a request! Are they going to offer a more detail understanding for humans on the best ways to manage emotions?
    Can they describe in details the way that more advanced beings manage their negative human emotions. And so embrace only Love.

    How do we best love ourselves?
    And others?

    On a plane that is still so emotionally un intelligent. as they know.
    How do we become much more emotionaly evolved, emotionally intelligent , as both an individual and a race?

    Are they going to offer us practical guidance on doing this?

    Please can you ask Albert, if you have the opportunity to do so!

    Thank you very much

    Much appreciation for your work
    Sarah ⭐️

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