The Mantz and Mitchell Show — 2 Comments

  1. Garnet, I would advise you to stay out of politics. I have bought all of your books but I had to delete this podcast. What is going on in the U. S. is an attempt by socialists to take over this country. My dad did not fight at Iwo Jima for me to sit by and watch idly as our freedom is stolen. You guys up there might like socialism but it ain’t happening in the U. S.

    Best to you and Albert.


    • Hi Mac, thanks for reading my books. I would not call Canada a socialist country, although we do have universal health care (which I strongly support). I do not feel suppressed in any way, and I believe I enjoy the same freedoms as our good neighbors in the U.S. My uncle Dan (who I never got to meet) also fought for freedom in WW11 against the Nazis. He flew a Spitfire for the RAF (RCAF), was shot down twice and survived, but died from polio on the ship taking him back to Canada after he was honorably discharged. I invite you to visit Canada someday and you will see for yourself that life in our country is pretty good.

      Stay healthy and safe! (Albert sends his regards).


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