QHHT Sessions: Expect the Unexpected

One of the key aspects of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Session (QHHT) is contacting the client’s Higher Self to ask it the questions prepared beforehand by the client. The Higher Self knows each person better than they know themselves, because the Higher Self has been with the person throughout their current life, as well as all their previous lives, and has access to the person’s Life Plan.

The questions can be about anything the client is curious about, and the Higher Self always provides an honest and straightforward answer if it is appropriate for the client to know the answer at this time. And sometimes the answer will be startling and totally unexpected.

In one of my sessions, my client was a woman who had recently retired and wanted to know what she should do with the rest of her life. Her Higher Self told her to move to East Africa and work in a big-cat rehab centre. When I mentioned this to her in our post-trance review, she was not perplexed or unset in any way, as she admitted that she had always felt a special affinity for lions, leopards, and cheetahs, and this possibility was strangely appealing to her. She left my office with a spring in her step, as she announced she was going home to research rehab centers in Africa.

In another case, my client was told to travel to Peru as soon as possible and journey to a small village in the mountains. There he would meet an old shaman with long silver hair who would provide him with the secret to finding happiness and enlightenment on the rest of his journey. (Sounds like the plot of an Indiana Jones movie).

If you are curious about the path you should follow for the rest of your life, book a QHHT session with me to find out how you can fulfill your life purpose: www.garnetschulhauserqhht.com.


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