Why Did You Choose Your Life?

Albert has told us that we each freely chose the life we now have as part of our pre-birth planning. But many people wonder why somebody would choose a life of hardship and strife when they could have picked a soft and cushy life as a person with good health and abundant wealth. Why would a soul choose to be born with Down syndrome, or as a blind beggar in India?stork-and-baby

Albert says it is difficult for humans to understand the thought process that went into to our pre-birth planning, but he assures us that every soul had a very good reason for choosing the circumstances of their new incarnations. In most cases, souls plan their lives with a view to experiencing the challenges and tribulations that go hand in hand with a life on Earth (which is one of the most difficult schools in the universe) so they can grow and evolve as souls. Souls gain wisdom with each new experience on Earth, and they usually learn more from their setbacks than their triumphs.

But sometimes souls will incarnate primarily to help another soul experience what it needs for its evolution. They will volunteer to fill a role that is necessary to complete that other soul’s Life Plan, even if it means they must endure a life of physical or mental pain. This is all done cheerfully in a spirit of co-operation as a way to help other souls get the most out of their journeys on Earth.

So when you look in the mirror and wonder why you chose your life, you will never know the details of your decision until you transition back to the Spirit Side, but you should rest assured that you were thinking clearly when you made that decision.


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  1. Hi Garnett,
    I love your work. Thanks for making a difference in this world. I have a question about Pre birth planning. I understand that a lot of people plan challenges and difficulties to face in their lifetime so that their souls can evolve. But do some souls plan for a easy life? I am baffled because as you know there are millions of people who are born into a privileged life who have a very easy life. Do some people plan to come to earth and lead a pleasurable life?

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