Never Judge Other People

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Making judgments of other people, based on their past actions or their socio-economic status, is a mistake we make all too often. Albert tells us there is no justification for passing judgment on others because we are all souls having a human journey on Earth, and we all have different paths to follow. Since we do not know the intimate details of everyone’s journey, we cannot possibly make any value judgments on their lives. We do not know where they have been, where they are going, or what they hoped to learn and experience in this life.

Judging other humans is a negative emotion that must be discarded if we hope to increase our vibratory rates and ascend to a higher dimension. If we fully embrace love and compassion there is no room for judgment, as we must love everybody unconditionally regardless of who they are or what they did in the past. And we must forgive those who step on our toes because, like us, they are still learning about the dance of life on Earth

And do not waste your energy comparing yourself to other people because we are all distinct aspects of the Source experiencing a human journey designed to fulfill our own unique requirements for wisdom and growth. Always remember it is your journey to enjoy, not theirs.





Never Judge Other People — 1 Comment

  1. A few passages from the Bible have leaped of the page at me over the years.One of them was the admonishment from Jesus ” Judge not lest ye be judged.” I picked up on the intensity of the warning, but did not understand how it could be possibly manifested.
    For example, If I “wag my finger,”, at, an unwed mother,who has 5 different children from 5 different men,
    how can I as a man, ever end up, some how, some way, in her predicament? In the current life anyway.
    Can Albert explain how this works?


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