Rejoice at the splendor of the sun sinking slowly into the ocean, the brilliance of a full moon on a cloudless night, and the majesty of a snow-capped mountain peak in the early morning sunlight.

Marvel at the beauty of a cherry tree in full bloom and the grandeur of an ancient redwood tree.

Feel the joy in your heart as you watch a hummingbird sucking nectar from the honeysuckle or a newborn fawn taking its first steps.


Do Not Judge Others

No matter what happens to you, whether it is good fortune or bad luck, it does not last, and you will not take it with you. You will return to the Spirit Side when you die where you will enjoy only love and happiness, regardless of how you performed during your life.

When you interact with other people in your life, try to remember they are souls just like you, who are struggling to cope with their lives without the benefit of knowing where they came from or where they will go after they die.

Do not judge other people for their actions since you do not know where they have been or where they are going.


You are Eternal

First and foremost, always remember that you are an eternal Soul. You will exist forever and, no matter what you do or say during your life, you will always return to the peace and happiness of the Spirit Side… When your physical body dies, you will leave it behind like an empty shell, and you will cross over to the Spirit Side where you will be reunited with everyone you have ever loved. You must strive to remember these truths every day as they will lighten the burdens of your life and motivate you to treat other people and creatures with greater love and compassion.